Debt Recovery & Insolvency

Recovering Business Debts

If your business is owed money and your customer is refusing to pay, then we can help.

We offer a highly effective debt recovery service, operating software designed to our own specification. We can relieve you from the hassle of chasing debts, giving you back time to focus on your business.

The Debt recovery process is handled automatically and is highly efficient, maximising the prospect of swift debt recovery.

The Debt recovery process is as follows:

  1. We review your documents
  2. We carry out searches where required
  3. We issue a letter before action, explaining how much is owed, requiring payment by a set date and warning that legal action will follow if the debt is not paid
  4. We initiate court proceedings if the debt remains outstanding
  5. If the debt is not disputed we obtain a county court judgment (CCJ) against your debtor
  6. We then advise you upon the routes available to you to recover the CCJ

In appropriate cases we will use late payment legislation to maximise the recovery of legal costs and interest from your debtors.

A relatively small proportion of business debts are disputed. In this situation we continue to assist through a team of highly experienced and qualified litigation solicitors.

We will advise you upon how to resolve disputes as cost effectively as possible, often through the use of alternative dispute resolution. We will guide you through each stage of the court process and provide you with best advice on strategy and prospects of success.

The insolvency unit works in tandem with our debt recovery business, using the bankruptcy and winding up process for the recovery of substantial debts, with excellent results.

We will recommend the use of bankruptcy or winding up proceedings in cases where there are large outstanding debts and which are not in dispute. This ensures that you are at the front of the line of other creditors and that your debts are paid promptly.


Letter before action (debt up to £100) £5.00
Letter before action (debt over £100) £15.00

Issue and judgment

Issue of court proceedings £25-£500 £50.00
  £500-£1000 £70.00
  £1000-£5000 £80.00
  Over £5000 £100.00
Judgment in default of acknowledgment of service £25-£5000 £22.00
  Over £5000 £30.00
Judgment in default of defence £25-£5000 £25.00
  Over £5000 £35.00
Judgment on admission £25-£5000 £40.00
  Over £5000 £55.00
Monitoring instalment payments (per instalment received)   £5.00

Enforcement of judgement debt

By County Court Bailiff free of charge
By High Court Enforcement Officer free of charge

Recovery, correspondence and telephone charges

Recovery charge on all sums recovered following receipt of your instructions in addition to the fees set out above 6%

Work undertaken in respect of debts which become defended or disputed, or other non-routine debt collection work not detailed above at rates to be agreed

VAT is added to all of the charges

Court fees and disbursements

Fees at the rate laid down by HM Courts Service are payable at every stage of the court process. These will be billed in addition to our charges. Other disbursements (including High Court Enforcement Officer’s fees) will be charged at cost.

Rates subject to change on notification

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