Employment Law Update – Back to the Future
Furlough Scheme back, Job Support Scheme delayed

Another day, another change in direction. Just as we were all beginning to implement the Job Support Scheme this has been delayed and we are back with furlough. So far as I can ascertain the Government has not published the detail as yet. However, from what I can gather it is intended that ongoing furlough will look much more like the scheme back in the summer. The Government will contribute 80% of salary up to £2,500 per month. The employer will need to pay National Insurance contributions and employer pension contributions. There will still be the availability of flexi-furlough.

It appears that there is no requirement for a person being furloughed to have previously been on furlough, but they must have been on the company’s payroll as at 23:59 on Friday 30th October.

The intention is that the Job Support Scheme will replace furlough leave as soon as the lockdown period finishes. The last day is scheduled to be 2nd December, but Michael Gove has already said that it may be extended.

I am tempted to say more, but aware that this could turn into a rant!

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