Giving fire safety a lift

Jan Grimshaw

Developers wishing to have their say on fire safety policy in London have until 20 June 2022 to comment on the Fire Safety London Plan Guidance

This guidance will require developers to submit forms documenting fire safety matters. The forms will have to be completed by a suitably qualified assessor; the form used will depend on the type of development and whether there will be a lift.

Section 6 of the draft guidance covers evacuation lifts. Our involvement with projects involving multi-storey buildings and the issues caused by lift outages, have made us all too aware of the problems for occupiers when a lift is out of action, even in non-emergency situations.

If the guidance is adopted, at least one lift per core has to be an evacuation lift. This is in addition to firefighters’ lifts. An evacuation strategy must be provided, showing that all occupiers will have access to evacuation lifts, regardless of disability and language barriers and that the lifts will be operated by trained persons in the event of an evacuation.

If you have any questions please contact our construction department: Head of Construction: Jan Grimshaw email or Associate solicitor: Joanne Pritlove email
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