High rise residential buildings – failure to register, act now

The deadline for registration with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) of occupied high-rise residential buildings in England has now passed. If you are the principal accountable person for a high-rise residential building, check now whether it should have been registered. Failure to register is a criminal offence punishable by fine or imprisonment and it is an offence to allow residents to occupy an unregistered building.

The guidance as to what is a high-rise residential building is at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/criteria-for-being-a-higher-risk-building-during-the-occupation-phase-of-the-new-higher-risk-regime. Full details of the registration process are here. The registration application website seems to be still open today, but we do not know whether it will remain open for long now that the deadline has passed.

Registration is followed by a 28 day window to supply the BSR with key structure and safety information about the building (KBI). This is likely to be the most challenging part of the registration process for older buildings; for new high-rise buildings, the golden thread process introduced by the Building Safety Act 2022 is a welcome development for those tasked with maintaining buildings. Note that changes to the registered KBI need to be notified to the BSR promptly.

After registration, the BSR either accepts the registration or rejects it, giving reasons, subject to a short period for the applicant to request a review.

If you have any issues with registration or review, please contact our construction unit by emailing jan.grimshaw@daviesandpartners.com


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