Zoom presentation to Employees Reviews half-year results and the effects of Covid-19 lockdown

Ewan Lockhart

Davies and Partners’ Chief Executive Ewan Lockhart addressed over 100 of the firm’s employees via a Zoom presentation this week, to highlight the Firm’s half year results, including the 4 months during the Coronavirus lockdown.
During the informative 45-minute presentation, Ewan explained how the measures taken by the Firm during the last few years had proved extremely beneficial. This included converting from a traditional unlimited liability Partnership to a Limited Company in 2017. This process may have gone unnoticed by many but has proved significant in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, at the start of 2019, Davies and Partners had taken the decision to move the business to a more Paper-lite working environment. The investment in new digital systems has proved highly beneficial, as within days of the Government’s announcement of Lockdown in March, the majority of the Firm’s staff were able to work efficiently, effectively and professionally out of the office and were able to maintain a seamless, high level of service for clients.

The Firm entered the crisis with a bank of working capital and a strong Balance Sheet built up over the preceding years that would help the firm meet the Covid-19 storm.

Ewan went on to highlight that despite the lockdown and the obvious economic effects since March, work levels have exceeded expectations in many of the Firm’s diverse range of legal services. Davies and Partners’ specialist New Build Homes Sales and Purchases Departments and Residential Property team have seen levels of activity that could not have been expected at the end of March. All the other areas of the Firm have seen levels of work that are better than might have been anticipated during Lockdown.

In an optimistic conclusion, Ewan said. “I would like to thank each and every one of the Firm’s 180 employees without exception, for the commitment and support they have given, through what has been an exceptional time for everyone. The contribution by all has been outstanding. It is of course impossible to predict exactly what the next 6 months will hold, but we feel the Organisation has weathered the unprecedented difficulties from March to June better than we could have hoped. We believe, that as economic confidence builds, Davies and Partners will be in a great position to meet the challenges and changes that the next half year and the future beyond will hold.”

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