Professional Negligence

Supporting clients who have received poor advice or standards

The Professional Negligence team supports clients who have received poor advice or standards from a wide range of professionals including other solicitors, accountants, architects that has led to clients suffering avoidable losses.

Many individuals and businesses rely upon insurance being in place if the worst happens.  If you or your business receive bad service from an insurance broker, providing you with the wrong insurance or failing to ensure that insurance is in place, our professional negligence solicitors could help you recover what you have lost as a result.

Claims against insurance brokers can arise where they have failed to put appropriate insurance in place, have failed to advise upon appropriate insurance, failed to report circumstances giving rise to the claim with the result that the insurer refuses indemnity.

Where construction and professionals, architects or engineers make mistakes, the consequences can be profound.  Our experienced construction team can provide advice on where claims against construction professionals may arise, how damages are calculated and will work through the process with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

When purchasing a property, many rely on the advice of surveyors, valuers and auctioneers.  Where losses are suffered through negligent advice, professional negligence solicitors can help you recover what you have lost through that bad advice.

In cases where an accountant has provided wrong tax advice or made other accountancy errors, our professional negligence solicitors can advise on making a claim for compensation where financial loss has occurred as a result of the accountant’s negligent advice.

If you have been a victim of poor medical treatment, our team will carry out a thorough investigation of the treatment you have received and work with you through your claim.

Getting sales wrong can be a criminal offence for the developer and it is therefore key that you receive accurate professional advice on what can be a very complex area.

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Unfortunately solicitors do make mistakes, miss deadlines and provide wrong advice.

In personal injury and clinical negligence claims, solicitors may under settle their clients’ claims or miss important deadlines.  We have specialist experience in this area including acting on groundbreaking cases in this area such as Leeson –v- Marsden [2008].

We also have experience in dealing with professional negligence claims against solicitors arising out of property transactions that have gone wrong, mistakes made and employment cases and matters involving the administration of estates.

Our professional negligence solicitors specialise in resolving these mistakes through negotiation, arbitration or mediation or through the formal claims process if necessary.

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