As Head of Davies and Partners’ Employment and Regulatory Departments, Nigel uses his extensive experience to advise businesses and individuals on all aspects of employment and regulatory law.

He has considerable expertise in advising employers how to avoid employment difficulties and also representing parties in Employment Tribunals. He also advises employees in workplace issues, including in relation to Settlement Agreements.

In the regulatory field, Nigel has extensive knowledge of the GDPRs. He also has significant expertise in advising those involved in direct marketing. He has also represented individuals in appearances before their professional bodies.

Nigel is also a highly experienced mediator and he has mediated on a wide range of commercial disputes and also domestic disputes, such as those between neighbours. He also conducts many workplace and employment mediations.

Nigel works closely with clients and is often regarded as “part of their team”. He seeks to respond efficiently and practically to their needs. Recognising the many challenges that the law can create, he seeks to find practical and “can do” solutions for his clients.

He works for businesses and organisations of all descriptions from high profile plcs to micro-companies and he will seek to tailor his advice to the specific nature of the business concerned.  Nigel also undertakes work for a wide variety of individuals in an organisation; from senior executives through to more junior employees.

Nigel’s work involves dealing with businesses of all sizes, on a day-to-day basis with the aim of avoiding employment disputes. He has also represented employers of all sizes, in Tribunal claims as well as appearing on behalf of employees, more particularly for senior executives and claiming discrimination using the Employment Tribunal system.

On the regulatory side, Nigel has advised both nationally and locally based businesses and organisations in relation to the implementation of the GDPRs. He has represented organisations in a wide range of disputes with regulators, including an appearance at the European Court of Justice.

Nigel offers practical, down to earth advice which is straightforward to understand and apply. He seeks to provide clear answers to his clients’ questions and finds effective solutions to their legal challenges.

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